Social, Economic and Political History of the Mizo

A book entitled 'Social, Economic and Political History of the Mizo' was recently released mizo frontby Shri Lalsawta, Hon'ble Minister, Higher & Technical Education, Mizoram on August 9, 2011. It was an edited volume of the papers presented in the 'Seminar on Social, Economic and Political History of the Mizo' organized by Department of History, Govt. T. Romana College, Aizawl in collaboration with Mizo History Association. The contents/chapters of the book are –
1. Dr Sangkima – 'Origin of Chieftainship in early Mizo Society based on tradition and myth'
2. Dr Malsawmliana – 'Thirdeng (Blacksmith) in Early Mizo Society'
3. Dr Benjamin Ralte – 'The Role of Puithiam in Pre-Colonial Mizo Religion'
4. Dr K.Zohra – 'Laipho : A Social Institution of the early Maras'
5. Mr Lalrinnunga Hmar & Dr Vanlalruata Rengsi – 'An Attempt to Reconstruct the background of Lal sawi in the Mizo History'
6. Dr C. Lalthlengliana –'Chiefs in the Lushai Hills District'
7. Dr J.Zorema - 'The Early Mizo Trade: With Special Reference to Tlabung (Demagiri) Frontier Bazar'
8. Rohmingmawii – 'Orality to Literacy: Its Impact on Colonial Mizoram'
9. Dr K. Robin –'Lakher Society and Colonial Encounter'
10. Dr Lalngurliana Sailo – 'Mizoram : Socio-Political Consequences of the Economic Changes (1870-1947)'
11. Dr Samuel VL Thlanga – 'Church : The Primary Agent of Change in Mizo Society'
12. Dr Paul B. Chonzik – 'Historical Sketch of Mizo Re-Unification Attempts'
13. Lallianchhunga - 'Media and Politics : A Study of the Role of Press in Mizoram'
Editors : Dr Malsawmliana & Dr Benjamin Ralte
Rate : Rs. 450