Theme : Revisiting  Mizo Heroes

(Regd No. MIZ BILL/2000/2046) ISBN : 0976 0202

Contents :

  1. Editorial
  2. Biography as a source of History - Lalnunpuii Ralte
  1. Theorizingthe concept of Mizo Hero : An Indigenous Perspective - Orestes Rosanga
  1. Mizo Heroes in the Post – Colonial context - Rohmingmawii
  1. Heroes and Gender : The Mizo Context - Esther Laltlankimi
  1. Mizo Heroes and Their Role in the Society - Paul Songhaulal Songate & Mary Lalngaihawmi
  1. Challenging Colonialism : The Life History of Zakapa - Thanghmingliana
  1. Z. Hengmang, Founder of the Pawi – Lakher Regional Council (PLRC) and Father of the Lais in Mizoram - Jangkhongam Dougel
  1. Kalkhama –The Nationalist -  Lalthlengliana
  1. Life History of Tonglhu (1830-1920)- Dr DL Haokip
  1. Saizahawla - Remruatkimi
  1. Ch.Chhunga : A Typical Mizo Political Leader - Haukhanlian Mate
  1. Pasaltha Chawma : The Unforgotten Hero - Lalzarzova
  1. Unsung Hero Saizema - Jenifer Lalbiakdiki

Historical Journal Mizoram Vol.XVII

1. Rethinking of Mizo Belief System - Albert Vanlalruata
2. Festivals of Mizo : Revisiting Pre-Colonial Mizo Society and its repercussions on the Sectarian Faith of Mizo Christianity
– Lalthasanga
3. Sikpui Ruoi – A winter Feast of the Hmar - Dr Malsawmliana
4. Mizo Customary Marriage System : Changes and Continuity - Dr Paul Songhaulal Songate
5. Different kinds of Divorce in Mizo Traditional Marriage - Dr Benjamin Ralte
6. Weaving : The Art of Creating Puan - Dr Lisa Lalmuankimi Pachuau
7. Bamboo Art Forms of the Mizo - Dr C. Remruatkimi
8. Weights and Measures in Traditional Mizo Society - Prof Orestes Rosanga
9. Disease in Pre-Colonial Mizo Society - Dr Zothanpuii
10. Traditional Burials of the Mizo - Lalchhanhima
11. Colonialism in Mizoram : Early Mizo Society, Colonial Rule and its effect - Dr Chawngsailova
12. Arming and Disarming : Firearms and the Mizo in Early Period - Dr Rohmingmawii
13. Colonialism and Forest History :Discourse on ‘Colonial Watershed’in Lushai Hills - Dr Robert Lalremtluanga Ralte
14. Early British Accounts of the Mizo - Prof Sangkima
15. Some Disgraceful forms of Traditional Mizo Marriage system - Prof S. Haukhanlian Mate

Volume XV : November, 2014 (ISSN 0976-0202)

Editor : Prof Sangkima

  1. Contextualizing Origin myths of the Mizo - Prof Sangkima, pp.1-6.
  2. A critique on the colonial account of the Mizo – C. Remruatkimi, pp.7-21.
  3. British Policy towards the Mizo till the sovereignty of the colonial rulers in the hills – Prof O. Rosanga, pp.22-34.
  4. Raids and Counter Military Offensives – Dr Benjamin Ralte, pp.35-76.
  5. British Frontier Policy and the Mizo – Dr J.Zorema, pp.77-86.
  6. Anglo-Mizo Relations from 1826-1871 – K. Lalzuimawia, pp.87-99
  7. Frontier Markets and the Mizo – Dr Lalngurliana Sailo, pp.100-111
  8. Establishment of British rule in Mizoram – Dr C. Lalthlengliana, pp.112-126
  9. Cultural Significances of Chin-Kuki-Mizo Dressin Manipur – Carolyn Niengneihmoi, pp.127-142
  10. Colonial Encounter and its impact on Education – Dr Lalnunpuii Ralte, pp.143-155.
  11. Welsh Missionaries and the Revival Movements in Mizoram – Dr Rohmingmawii, pp.156-170.
  12. Social and Political Development of the Mizo – JV Hluna, pp.171-179
  13. Separatist Politics of the Mizo – Chawngsailova, pp.180-199
  14. Pre-colonial Mizoram with reference to the Hmar – Vanrammawii & S.Haukhanlian Mate, pp.200-218
  15. Social Hierarchy in Early Mizo society– Zothanpuii & Sangkima, pp.219-228
  16. Social Status of the Mizo and Thadou - Kuki Women – Arfina Haokip, pp.229-238
  17. Zawlbuk – A Traditional school of the Mizo – C. Lalremruata, pp.239-249
  18. British policy towards the Mizora (Luse Hills) : Colonia strategies – DL Haokip, pp.250-269
  19. Serh, Hrilh & Thianglo : Re-visiting Taboos of early Mizo society – Rochamliana, pp.270-280.
  20. Photography, Dress and Society in Mizo History : An Introduction – Rosaline Varsangzuali, pp.281-289


Editor : Prof.Sangkima

ISSN : 0976-0202

Price : Rs. 130.00

  1. The Mizo society and the Environment - C.Remruatkimi (pp.1-11)
  2. Traditional Burial system of the Mizo – Malsawmliana (pp.12-23)
  3. Transition of Mizo Belief System : A study of Mizo Revivals and Music – T.Vanlalremruata Tonson (pp.24-43)
  4. Mizo Tlawmngaihna and Nishkama Karma : A Comparative study – K. Laldinpuii (pp.44-49)
  5. Social History of the Koloi – Lalrinnunga Hmar (pp.50-57)
  6. Dorawta : Chief of Saitual – S.Haukhanlian Mate (pp.58-68)
  7. Chief Lusheia Chawngthu (1874-1948) – Sangkima (pp.69-76)
  8. Haihmunga Hlawncheu : The Founder Chief of Lawngtlai – Jangkhogam Dougel(pp.77-91)
  9. Vangchhia : Pipute kawtchhuah – JV Hluna (pp.92-103)
  10. Changing Nature of patriarchy in Mizoram – Hmingthanzuali (pp.104-112)
  11. Christianity and its influence on Mizoram : A cultural perspective – Rebecca Khiangte (pp.113-119)
  12. Mizo Cultural practices in the Pre-christian society – R. Lalbiaktluangi (pp.120-126)
  13. Introduction of Christianity among the Maras – Zohmingthanga Tlau(pp.127-131)
  14. Colonial Health Services in Mizoram : Introduction of western medicines, establishment of dispensaries and hospitals – Zothanpuii (pp.132-144)
  15. Haulawng Uprising – Lalthlengliana (pp.145-152)
  16. The Lushai Expedition 1871-1872 : The role of Thomas Herbert Lewin –Benjamin Ralte (pp.153-182)
  17. Post –independence confusion and the rise of factional strife in Mizoram – J.Zorema (pp.183-196)
  18. Colonial legacies and propagandas of Mizo nationalism : A critique on the MNF Revolutionary movement – O.Rosanga (pp.197-210)
  19. Ethnic nationalism and self-determination of the MNF movement – Chawngsailova (pp.211-220)
  20. Greater Mizoram : A paradox – Vanengmawia (pp.221-228)
  21. .Merit feast : the foundation for the emergence of elite groups among the Chin-Kuki-Mizo – DL Haokip (pp.229-241)

Pialral Vol. V 1995

Contents :

1. Prolegomenon

2. A study of an early Mizo history with reference to other ethnic tribes - Sangkima (pp.1-7)

3. Mizo chanchina Hun indawt dan - B. Lathangliana (pp.8-22)

4. Survey of Pre-Colonial Mizo Economy - Zochungnunga (pp.23-38)

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