The main objective of Historical Journal Mizoram is to function as a mode of information and guidance for the scholars, researchers and historians and to provide a medium of exchange of ideas in Mizo history. The following are the guidelines and instructions for authors and contributors:

Manuscript Format :
All texts (including end notes and references) must be double spaced and in a 12point, standard font such as Times New Roman. The papers should be an original research work of about 5500-6000 (including endnotes and references).Mizo History Association (publisher) holds the copyright of the researched materials published.

Format for References :
The journal largely follows the NEIHA Style Sheet.

End Notes :
Endnotes should be given in running numbers, beginning with 1 and followed consecutively throughout the article.
Other Reference (some examples)
p.or pp.=for page or pages
Preface, Foreword, Introduction
e.g. Verrier Elwin, Foreword to A Philosophy of NEFA, Culture Publishers, Shillong, 1959,p.103.

Two Authors :
Liam P.Unwin and Joseph Galloway, Peace in Ireland, Stronghope Press, Boston, 1990, pp.20-26.

Three Authors :
P.D. Brett, S.W. Johnson and C.R.T.Bach, Mastering String Quartets, Amati Press, San Francisco, 1989,pp.56-78.

More than Three Authors :
Cahrlotte Marcus, Investigations into the Phenomenon of Limited Field Criticism, Broadview Press, Boston, 1990.p.34.

As cited in :
K.J. Nizam, Political Aspects of National Integration, Meenakshi Prakashan, Meerut, 1981, p.167, as cited in K.K. Misra, “Tribalism and National Integration,”in Social Change, Vol.XXVII, 1993.

Article in a Review :
J. Varickasseril, “Faith in First Thessalonians,” Indian Missiological Review, Vol.18,No.4, 1995,pp.48-60.

Editor, Translator, Compiler:
John Stuart Mill, Autobiography and Literary Essays, ed.John M.Robinson and Jack Stillinger, Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 1980, p.15.

Publication by an Organisation :
International Monetary Fund, Survey of African Economics, Vol.VIII, Algeria, mali, Morocco and Tunisia, Washington D.C., International Monetary Fund, 1977.

Subsequent Editions:
John H.Hazard, The Soviet System of Government, 5th ed.,Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1980,p.25.

Reprint :
Albert Schewitzer, JS Bach, Trans, Ernest Newman, 1911;reprint, 1966, Dover Publication, New York.

No Ascertainable Publication facts:
John Burton, A Deadline to Remember (n.p.,n.d.)

Unpublished Thesis, Dissertations:
Andrew J King, “Law and Land Use in Chicago, A pre-history of Modern Zoning,” Ph.D Thesis, University of Wisconsin, 1976, pp.32-37.

Papers Read at meetings :
S.K. Bose, “ Demonetisation in 19th century Assam,” Paper read at 18th session, North East India History Association, Tripura University, 1997.

Non-Book Materials (Sound Cassettee, filmstrip, slides etc.) :
An Incident in Tiananmen Square, 16mm., Gate of Heaven Films, San Francisco, 1990.

Submission of Articles:
Only a bonafide members of Mizo History Association are allow to contribute an articles, research papers and those articles should be previously read in the annual session of Mizo history.

Address for correspondences :
All correspondent should be addressed to Prof Sangkima, Chief Editor, Historical Journal Mizoram, T-22A, Tlangnuam, Aizawl, 796005, Mizoram, India. E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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